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my kink is when people admit i was right
много текста, ссылки, цитаты из разных мета-дискуссий

RE: дэнни, ярость, тревога

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RE: стив 1 сезона, безрассудное поведение, социальный барометр

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очаровательный хэдканон (вдвойне очаровательный, потому что это моя любимая сказка)

еще тут osointricate исполнила мою давнюю мечту.
у нее спросили про планировку дома макгарретта, и она, гспд, зарисовала
кто-нибудь, пошлите ей цветы

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my kink is when people admit i was right
я бы процитировала целиком, потому что для меня там каждая заметка - полноценная тема для диссера
но один момент особенно выделяется, потому что - как я не видела раньше?

Пишет Pochitaem:

для себя. сборник мыслей по КА.ЗС

Александр не боится Зимнего, Зимний подчиняется Пирсу. Так просто без оружия, без принуждения. Только знакомый профиль, голубые глаза, русые волосы
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и до безумия похожая уверенность в своей правоте, к которой хочется прислушиваться. Этой уверенности хочется подчиниться, она внушает чувство, что все действия приведут к спасению мира, за этой уверенностью хочется идти даже в "пасть смерти":
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- на предпоследней гифке выражение лица ЗС - поджимает губы, отводит глаза, выдыхает в знак согласия, сожаления, готовности
- Рамлоу тут передает чувства зрителя: неужели этот убийца принимает всерьез всю эту пропагандистскую хуету, а не разорвет ли ЗС дедуля на флаг гидры. Не, че, правда? вот так просто? да еще и пощечину стерпел?
- отец Пирса служил в 101 полку. Полагаю, что где-то рядом со 107, иначе к чему эта информация? Тем не менее, еще один штрих к сходству со Стивом

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my kink is when people admit i was right
денни уильямс

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стив макгарретт

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(пока без стива, потому что инфа по стиву элементарно гуглится)

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my kink is when people admit i was right
“Steve has abandonment issues the size of a planet (which resulted in his trust and control issues), and Danny has this thing where his brain refuses to let him acknowledge and enjoy any kind of happiness by immediately jumping to the worst possible scenario. They’re both aware of these issues, and they both sort of… ignore them. That’s how it is, whatever, I’ve been messed up for a while now, I can deal. Except, and that’s where it’s beautiful and devastating all at once, Danny won’t let Steve ignore his problems, and Steve won’t let Danny ignore his.

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h50 - meta recs

my kink is when people admit i was right
alethiaii.tumblr.com/post/161363261660 - пилот; попытки стива в копы и все, что идет не так
“Danny has been desrcibed as abrasive loudmouth who has opinions on everything while Steve is this calm and collected dude yet Danny is the one who makes more sense. The partnership has only started, they are still learning each other. But as Danny says, there are rules.”

alethiaii.tumblr.com/post/161322569250 - пилот; стив и daddy issues
“Daniel Williams is very homesick and above all, everything John McGarrett taught his son not to be. He is very emotional, outspoken and hoo boy, very vocal. He is also a very good cop and has great empathy for the victims/victims’ families. But the thing that drags my feels when that particular scene comes along is probably in how Steve looks at Danny while he speaks. The realization that comes to Steve how strikingly different fathers John and Danny were/are. Whereas John sent his children away for their safety but he himself stayed behind, Danny left everything he knew/had behind because the thought of Grace not being in his life and vice versa was too scary to even contemplate. That she might get hurt because he wasn’t there to make sure the place she was living in was safe.”

sanctuaryforalluniverses.tumblr.com/post/160708... - (длинный пост со странными теориями, в которые я не верю, но было занятно почитать)
“Almost every single one of Steve’s emotions in the season 7 finale were either filtered through Danny or tied to him directly.”

срс: коменты под отзывом - о проблематике дружбы (понравился ход мыслей)
“Steve and Danny simply must find a better therapist to address their issues. The issues being Steve’s intrusiveness into Danny’s life, especially since Steve doesn’t like to share unless he absolutely has too with anybody and Danny’s insistence on making Steve a surrogate for his late brother Matt. He’s equivocating Steve’s fearlessness and willingness to do death-defying actions on the job with Matt’s stupid recklessness. Of course Steve’s actions although heroic will probably land him in the same arena as Matty, dead.”

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my kink is when people admit i was right
“Let us See where Sam and Dean (and Castiel) are Emotionally in the Story: As fans, we’re already invested in these characters. Even so, in order to continue to relate to them, we have to have some insight into their thoughts and feelings. As you know, the only way to do that in a TV show is by way of the characters’ actions and through dialogue. We need Sam and Dean to talk to each other more. Or, they at least need to talk to other characters. Whichever way you choose to do it, show what they’re going through while they’re actually going through it. If Sam doesn’t look for Dean in Purgatory and throws away his phones, fine - but give him a few sentences to explain why he did so every time Dean (or another character) confronts him about it. If Dean says Benny is a better brother, let him explain the context of that statement. If Sam implies he and Dean can’t be brothers, show why he feels that way. For example, couldn’t you have had Sam tell Dean he was having nightmares about his hands killing Kevin before the season finale? Better yet, why not show Sam actually having the nightmares?

Though we fans like to engage in head canon, we shouldn’t have to do it so frequently. Because if we do, the story becomes less meaningful to the audience – namely because everyone is guessing what it actually means. It also seems to increase the anger and hostility on the message boards. Often times on Supernatural fan forums, discussion about the episode gives way to arguments when fans fight over what actually happened on screen. Yes, I know, all fiction is left to be interpreted by the audience to an extent, but if we’re constantly doing it because the writing is so vague, then maybe something’s missing. This can be fixed with more explicit action and dialogue from the characters, especially the brothers. At the very least, let Sam and Dean finish their own sentences. Sometimes men actually do have a whole conversation with one another.”

Connecting with the Audience in Season 10: A Plea to the Supernatural Writers
Metamorphic Rocks

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spn - meta recs

my kink is when people admit i was right
scp-882.tumblr.com/post/124208251488 - Dean; 'Have I Mentioned I’m Heterosexual Today' trope

scp-882.tumblr.com/post/120636897668 - Sam, Dean; sacrifice; 8.23/9.23/10.23
“Sam and Dean know full well what world they are in. They know the players. They understand the lore or know where the find it. There is no excuse for ignorance or for not understanding what it happening and the consequences. The reason they find themselves in trouble is because they make assumptions. They act too quickly and figure they can fix the rest of the mess later which usually means people - other than them - die or get hurt.”

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DAI, негатив

my kink is when people admit i was right
"I don’t want to play some omnipotent military leader. I read ‘with an idle wave of their fingers’ and the stuff that follows and my stomach just drops. That’s the exact opposite of everything I loved about the previous games. Hawke and the Warden were hapless pseudo-leaders in positions of power that they didn’t really ask for, tossed into unfortunate circumstances and just trying to scrape by for the best possible outcome to protect themselves and the things they care about. That’s what I loved about them.
The Inquisitor just sounds so… cold and impersonal, and I can’t help feeling like it’s geared toward being appealing to people who just want to play a big strong dudebro hero who gets to call all the shots and order everyone around and/or play white knight savior for Thedas." Leah (x)

это мучает меня с прошлого года, и я не сказала бы лучше

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one piece - meta recs

my kink is when people admit i was right
http://sara-tanaquil.livejournal.com/182571.html - Enies Lobby; crew member's reaction to Robin leaving, and what that tells about their character
“Of all of them, I see Sanji as the one who reacts with unconditional love and acceptance. He is often the caretaker of the group (the obsession with feeding everyone is only the most obvious manifestation of that). He chooses to follow Robin without ever knowing, or even particularly trying to find out, whether she has betrayed them or not (he leaves that up to the others).”
“If Robin had really been what Kalifa and Lucci and the others are, I wonder just how long he would have followed and kept trying to reach out to her before giving up.”

http://verybrave.tumblr.com/post/75864283480 - Sanji & crew
“i think sanji has always known what it’s like to be loved (honestly i feel it’s pretty hard to argue against this). i think he was the darling of the baratie. i think, upon meeting sanji, all the cooks discovered, with varying degrees of denial and discomfort, that they actually were the doting uncle-types all along (not too surprising, tough guys, because i bet a fair number of you have MOM tattooed on your arms) because although sanji is an annoying punk he is also small and stringy and he dogs zeff’s footsteps like he doesn’t know where else to go.”
“i think sanji and the strawhats all love each other unreservedly, and for sanji it’s natural because he’s always known what it’s like to be loved and love comes easily to him (baratie-brand love, anyway). he truly and honestly admires each of his crewmates, and if there’s something they can’t do— so what? that’s what he’s there for and vice versa. it’s not a shortcoming. i think sanji’s especially cognizant of what his crewmates believe or don’t believe they deserve, and he makes sure they know they deserve everything (feasts and snacks, for sure, but more than that, ensuring the pantry stays stocked), because if he does then certainly so do they.”

http://xarciel.tumblr.com/post/77533088614 - Sanji; character development; Thriller Bark
“When Sanji followed his dream, two ships sank, hundreds of people died, he and Zeff nearly starved to death and Sanji was responsible for Zeff losing his pirating career. Sanji spent three months facing down the consequences of his actions and the rest of his life trying to repent for his mistakes. While Zoro doesn’t get a true taste of the futility that facing death creates until Kuma, Sanji comes into the series already much more burdened by the weight of responsibility.”
“Sanji doesn’t have a problem with death, he has a problem with his own dreams. Sanji has convinced himself that following your dream is selfish, dangerous and futile. And ya know what; Zoro and Luffy prove him right. Despite that though, they also give him hope. They push through the other side of their ridiculous actions and not only survive, but decide to continue with their dreams.”

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spn and the love narrative

my kink is when people admit i was right
A Non-Shipper’s Perspective on Destiel: part 1/6 | part 2/6 | part 3/6 | part 4/6 | part 5/6 | part 6/6 | bonus | specia edition

“While I have no professional experience in working on a series yet, it is what my career aspiration is. I’ve gone to the talks at my school, I’ve talked with writers. I’ve (almost, two months to go) graduated with a degree in Film Studies and a nearly finished (short one course, alas) minor in Folklore and Mythology. I’ve watched with interest as the show constructed a love narrative and in this multi-part meta, I would like to attack the major points of it: why it is being constructed, how it is being constructed, what the major checkpoints we’ve hit are, and what the others we need to hit are. While there is no guarantee of successful resolution, I want to highlight that there is never guarantee of successful resolution, and that this does not, in any way, diminish the reality of there being a love narrative (not, at least, at this stage of it).”
— Sarah, aspiring screenwriter

Перевод Spirit Hallows: части 1 и 2 | части 3 и 4 | части 5 и 6 | бонус и дополнение new
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my kink is when people admit i was right
конкурсная аналитика, вычитка less25

кастиэль, матчасть
надругательство над физикой

квантово-механические ангелы (или «брось ангела в стену и посмотри, что будет»)

дин, сэм, кастиэль; сэра гэмбл, эрик крипке, джереми карвер
включает прогнозы на финал 8 сезона, составленные до его выхода

укажи мне путь

кастиэль, спн-фандом
психологические триггеры хейтерства

динамика в фандоме: машинальная ненависть (или «почему плохо быть тобой»)

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my kink is when people admit i was right
[...] Sometimes I look back at season 5, and I feel like Castiel treated Dean like a replacement God. A very annoying, very irrational God. Or maybe as a substitute for his heavenly garrison? I don’t know. But whenever Dean called, Castiel answered. Whenever the Winchesters were in danger, he did everything to protect them. And that’s why it was so terrible to see Cas lose it in 5.18. Sure we joke a lot about Castiel’s dominating in bed and the sexual tension or whatever, but all I saw was pain. I mean Jesus Christ, in that moment Cas finally realized that he’d put his faith into a weak, fragile little human. After millions of years of basking in divine certainty, of following a path that was pre-written and righteous and sure, of serving a Father who was all-powerful and all-knowing, there he was following a fucking HUMAN. An faithless, fallible, insignificant little thing who barely believed in the cause Castiel gave up his entire life to fight for. I can’t believe Cas forgave Dean at all.

[...] See, angels are absolutes. They’re the big picture, they’re destiny and fate and control, they’re certainty and self-righteousness and blind, steadfast allegiance. And that’s the opposite of what love is. Not healthy romantic love anyway, unlike the creepy cult-like faith the angels have for their absent dad. Love is uncertainty. Love is compromise. Love is being afraid of having your heart broken someday. Love is hope. Love is choice. Love is terrifying, it’s fucked up, it’s weak. It’s fickle and breakable. It’s trusting someone who doesn’t have all the answers, and is just as flawed as you. Love is willingly giving someone the power to completely destroy you. Love is freedom. Love is a prison. Love is dumb, useless, and human.

Can you blame Cas for wanting to go back upstairs? Wouldn’t you rather live in the certitude of heaven? Doesn’t it sound better to serve an omnipotent God, even an absent one, than to be in love with Dean fucking Winchester? Cas loves completely and destructively because it’s the only way he’s been taught how, and he would die for Dean. He would go through any suffering for him. He would make Dean hate him if he must. But Dean doesn’t want anything from him, he just wants HIM and that might be impossible to understand for Cas.


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d/c s8 timeline

my kink is when people admit i was right
src, перевод здесь

• (8.01) Season premiere. Dean and Benny get out of Purgatory. Dean and Sam's reunion after a year. Sam asks about Cas and Dean turns away (which he always does when he wants to hide his emotions from Sam) and says that Cas didn't make it, that he "let go". Sam insists if he saw Cas die but Dean reacts angrily and the conversation ends there. We also see the first few flashbacks of Purgatory and how Dean is going back to torture to find Cas. Crowley refers to Cas as "Dean's angel". It's also worth mentioning that from this episode to 8.07 (Cas' return) Dean is clearly depressed and suffers from PTSD.

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my kink is when people admit i was right
Гэрри Уивер в своем обзоре (x) озвучил мою главную претензию к эпизоду, плавно переходящую в опасения за следующий сезон

I had a bigger issue with the deliberate way the fight between Cas and Dean resembled the iconic fight between Sam/Lucifer and Dean in “Swan Song.” I think that scene was so important to Sam and Dean’s relationship and the ending of that five year story line, it should not be remade by recasting Sam’s part. Despite all the wonderful acting, the staging of the scene felt wrong.

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S4 (c) Karen Miller

my kink is when people admit i was right
“I find the ever-changing power balance between Dean and Castiel to be astonishing. Castiel, so conflicted, so torn about what he's doing, what he's done, can hardly meet Dean's eyes the whole time. And yet the most extraordinary thing about them, from the moment they met, was the visual connection. At any given moment, either they can look at each other, or one can look and the other must look away, and the shift is constant. It's this whole amazing subtext in every scene they share.”

“That moment where Castiel can't sustain eye contact and Dean literally captures his gaze and brings it back? Awesome. Just amazingly awesome. The power of gaze, of eyes, of contact. The eyes are the windows to the soul. And these two people have been reading each other's souls for a year now. And that's why they know each other on a level more profound than words. It's why Dean trusts Castiel even when he's kicking and screaming. And it's why Castiel listens to Dean when he's so afraid of being cast out of heaven for disobedience.”

“And the culmination of this scene? Dean grabbing Castiel, pulling him around. 'Look at me.' Cards on the table. Recognition of their connection. Look at me.”

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my kink is when people admit i was right
(h) Eames totally has his own crew. I wish there was a spin-off TV show about Eames and his crew. I vote the Ponds on post haste.

(i) Arthur tots says "paradoxical architecture" like it means "get in my pants." Ariadne is being a Real Adult and Learning Things and Arthur is like, "let me show you my *hint hint* *nudge nudge* paradoxical architecture." Oh, Arthur. And it's totally right after Dom left to get Eames so maybe he's just getting geared up to be all WHAT NO I DIDN'T MISS YOU SHUT UP.

(j) I don't think Dom is having any trouble telling the difference between reality and dreaming at all, actually. I think he keeps checking his totem because he wants to believe he's having trouble telling the difference. The truth is that he's sort of reveling in his own psychological breakdown. I think he'd rather have something romantic and grand wrong with him--like blurring the line of reality and fantasy--than deal with the fact that he's dealing with very real, very normal, and not at all extraordinary grief. He feels like having such a mundane reaction to Mal's death is disrespectful to how extraordinary she was and he just wants it to be more.


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my kink is when people admit i was right
“I think that there’s really fascinating things to look into, because angels are a very peculiar thing. Like, they are part of an order that is separate from the… intermediary supernatural entities that people our world. Humanity is a very very specific source in our world, they’re the source of everything almost. And so angels have this, like, diseased caretaker status…I feel like when we get these angels who have to work their crap out because they’ve had such a rough ride with free will—they didn’t want it. It’s like they were working in a lab one day and one of the beakers broke and they all got free will. And that’s been their life, right, so now these angels—this is the season where they try to figure that out. And it’s a new world for them. So I think there are going to be interesting dimensions of angel stuff.”
— Ben Edlund (SDCC 2012)


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my kink is when people admit i was right
Пишет sherlomag2011:

ИМХО, но Локи сразу толпу целей преследовал в своей многоходовой (блестящей, нужно заметить) операции. Не забываем, что Бартон ему слил всё, включая тот факт, что Наташа волосы хной красит все планы Щ.И.Т.-а, все подробности про каждого из Авенджеров, и Локи теперь знает слабые места каждого из них, и какую угрозу каждый из них представляет для него лично и для его планов. И что мы имеем дальше? Отвлекаем внимание Щ.И.Т.-овцев пафосными речами в Штутгарте (по ходу дела просканировав глаз того учёного, но никто же об этом и не догадывается, пока свидетелей не опросят, но дело уже сделано - иридий тихо-мирно украден), вызываем на себя их гнев, будущие Мстители набегают всей толпой, Тони пугает его своим арсеналом (хотя как мы видели позже, чихать Локи хотел на все эти пукалки, его даже фаза 2 не берёт), Локи так "озабочен" внизапным пленом, что, сдаваясь, даже не забывает переодеться. Локи (и его жезл, что немаловажно) оказывается на Хеликэрриере, где он выполняет 3-4 задачи сразу! 1. Стелс, как мы помним, детский лепет, по сравнению с технологиями, спёртыми у Бэтмена Бонда используемыми на Хеликэрриере. А жезл подаёт исправный сигнал Бартону, позволяя преспокойненько обнаружить и практически обрушить "летающую крепость". А босса при этом забрать. 2. Жезл явно обладает психотропными функциями, всячески накаляя и так напряжённые отношения между будущими Авенджерами, так что в конце концов сцена всеобщей свары начинает черезвычайно напоминать сцену на совете у Элронда, когда Кольцо, известное своей склонностью к извращению и растлению, практически начинает злорадно напевать, пока все грызутся. 3. Самая главная, наверное, задача - заставить Бэннера потерять контроль над Халком, который, если повезёт, завершит разрушение корабля (что будет бонусной задачей №4), но самое важное, самое важное - ради чего весь сыр-бор, и что абсолютно верно (хотя и поздно, и в конечном счёте, бесполезно) поняла Наташа: Бэннер боится Халка, и хоть и научился его в некоторой степени сдерживать, но ткнуть его мордой - и он опять попытается сбежать в свои удалённые страны. Таким образом, Локи удалит того, с кем, единственным, он по-настоящему не может справиться. Как выяснилось, опасения Локи были полностью оправданы. И всё бы получилось, но кто ж знал, что Брюс столкнётся с чудаковатым смотрителем, который вернёт ему веру в то, что и Халка можно направить, что это не просто крушащая всё на своём пути стихия.
Ведь главная слабость планов Локи в том, что он, реагируя максимально деструктивно на жестокую реальность, считает, что и все остальные - такие же.


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my kink is when people admit i was right
[…] There's a lot of art on Pixiv that suggests that Akutabe is a fallen angel (there's Zeruel, for instance, in canon), which would explain his violent attitude towards Zeruel in one of the last few episodes (then again, he's violent towards nearly everyone) and challenging God to pass divine judgment on him. There's a certain bitterness in the way he says this that gives credence to the whole Akutabe-as-a-fallen-angel idea, since he's already fallen from grace, so what worse could God do to him, knowing he was dealing with demons? It would also explain why he's crazy-powerful, since it could be that fallen angels in this particular universe retain some of their supernatural powers even after their fall. Apart from that, his knowledge could be attributed to this as well, since he would have lived for ages as an angel before being cut off from God.
That, or Akutabe with wings is just hot for some people (yes, me too).


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гневик и обидка (◡‿◡✿)