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«Even unconscious, there’s still a hint of a frown about his face. Everything about him — from the loosely knotted tie, the creased shirt that still shows signs of having been ironed, the mussy hair - speaks volumes about exhaustion and determination thrown together in one obstinate mix. This is the guy who’s been watching Dean, hopefully as closely as Dean has been watching him. It’s like they were made for each other».
«- Pardon me if I’m not too worried, Cas.
- Because you’re no stranger to death, are you, - Castiel says softly.
- Is your pillow talk always this morbid? - Dean asks, crossing his arms. His heart leaps as a hint of a smile nudges at Castiel’s lips, oddly incongruous with their surroundings.
- Always, - Castiel answers».

«- It’s not, - Dean says, but the words ring hollow even to his own ears. - You can’t do this, Cas, please.
- Yes, - Castiel says simply, - I can».

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«When he stops laughing, everything about him becomes too quiet and he used to be so loud. Not just his voice and his breathing and his heartbeat, but the warmth of him used to roll off his body like the swelling of cymbals. The olive green eyes were like bamboo chimes and the heavy scent of cocoa. His soul used to chant, low and mournful, not just to Castiel but to anybody willing to listen. Castiel wonders who listens to it now».
«- How can I trust you, when I no longer comprehend everything about you? I don’t know your desires, your intentions. I don’t know what to do. So much happens that I can’t see anymore».
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«- Let go, Dean, - Castiel said softly. - This, too.
Dean shook his head wildly, but he knew what Castiel meant. One stacked on another and it was all too much - too much need always misdirected, too many lies, to them and to himself - too much hiding from everything he'd already given up. Too much of the wrong loves, too much using and being used, selfish and ashamed. Too much hurt disguised as pleasure, and pleasure twisted into hurt».

«Castiel stood and led Dean to the door, gesturing for him to open it. Dean hesitated, waiting for Castiel to take up the familiar position at his back, but he stayed at Dean's side, waiting for him to open the door, and Dean knew somehow that he'd stand there forever if it took Dean that long to pull himself together and get moving».
«He reached for Dean, settling his right hand over the scar and his left hand on the back of Dean's neck. He leaned in close, and whispered into Dean's ear, and his voice thundered all around them. It blew back the grass and knocked down the trees and shook loose the earth they stood in, but under that, Dean could still hear Castiel's voice like he'd always heard it».
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«He stretches out beside Dean on the bed and curls around him, nudging him onto his side.
- I'm not the little spoon, - Dean mumbles.
Castiel shushes him and presses against his back, their arms tangled over Dean's chest.
- You enjoy being held, - he says simply, and it's strange that this more embarrassing than anything else they've done, but Dean can't fight the blush. He buries his damp, hot face into the pillow and huffs.
- Don't tell anyone».

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