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музыкальный флешмоб, немного адресно
буду мухлевать и отступлю ото всех пунктов, расширив один единственный, про который мне интересно рассказать.

музыка и персонажи

про самусебя бонусом


(конкретнее - Сэм, в котором сидит Гадриэль)

I want to be be a good man, I wanna be a saved
I want to be a free man but I feel like a slave
and I’m crying out to you, Lord
It’s getting harder and harder to see
If there’s good left in me?



Стив -> Дорис
(очень фанон)

You see
The things I cannot change
The things that make me plain
Lift me up my soul's so hollow


@темы: хроники палат неострого отделения, it's a strategic op, M, because God commanded it



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мини-хиатус хиатуса в честь деанона на auf
я даже сумела не превратить в тенденцию своё запишись на ау-фест по отп @ принеси канон без пейринга



спасибо оргам, бетам, участникам, читателям за эту возможность
кудосы себе за соблюдение тематичности
здесь говорю про фики

@темы: к черту блины, будут комочки, because God commanded it


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раскопала черновиках
всё нарисовано |Zerinku|, по тегу больше (но многое уже удалено)
вытаскиваю только самое-самое

читать дальше

@темы: A, because God commanded it


не видела раньше

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“The reason that Angels are such a big deal on the show is because of Misha.
Had someone else come in as Cas and stiffed it we would have only done a one year angel storyline and then we would have moved on to something else.
He was so endlessly interesting and then you started fleshing out his world and because Misha was so compelling it evolved”.

@темы: because God commanded it, разные печатные печатки, my problematic fave


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спн 22-23

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“The ones he loves were working to save him. This is, and always has been, Dean's biggest problem. He cannot see things as they actually are, just in terms of how they affect him. He's still thinking like a dictator. If they do as I say they can be trusted and if they don't then they can't be trusted.' It' a crazy situation to put characters in because very often what Dean wants does not benefit the greater good.” (x)

“The scene was supposed to have a sense of necessity because Sam ‘can’t let go’, but Death and everybody else forgot that there’s at least one other person - who’s actually got many more years than Sam to come up with solutions and could possibly muster enough energy to easily travel to whatever fucking meteorite Dean is stranded on - who wouldn’t be at peace until they had found Dean Winchester and made him ok again or fail and still be by his side. Which made the whole, ‘Sam you in particular have to die’ quite senseless.” (x)

@темы: L, because God commanded it, spn


lock Доступ к записи ограничен

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Закрытая запись, не предназначенная для публичного просмотра



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шла вторая половина ФБ, когда я прочитала этот текст, и одной из первых мыслей было "а Тикки он мог бы понравиться"
соу... это что-то вроде подарка-благодарности. небеченый перевод для замечательной беты ^ ^'

и работа на календарь

@темы: к черту блины, будут комочки, because God commanded it, spn



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на хэллоуин-фест
я честно хотела принести нормальное фикло с приключениями, зомби и гомоеблей
но так вышло
минус 1 моб

@темы: к черту блины, будут комочки, because God commanded it


деанон <1000

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340, ау пост-9 сезона на арт
смерть персонажа

без названия

799, 6 сезон, кас/кроули
отбечено и причесано джоведи

свобода стоила мне крыльев

@темы: к черту блины, будут комочки, here i tried, because God commanded it, spn


деанон >1000

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местами страшно опаздывала, но принесла все задуманное и немного сверху
не удивлюсь, если меня начнут считать психически неуравновешенным виртуалом джоведи (а некоторые уже)

динокас романтический

динокас ангстовый (вместе с премилой Вицемир)

вообще не динокас

дин и кас, но все прилично

дерзкий джен, куда ж без него

лайкайте меня, фалловите

@темы: к черту блины, будут комочки, ФБ, because God commanded it, spn


sub!jensen masterpost

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я честно держалась сколько могла
но вчера дженсен трендил мишу всю премьеру, и мы смеялись потом целый день, понимаете

k Misha and Jensen are def watching the ep side by side right now and Misha keeps telling him “No, it’s the ‘@’ symbol you dumbass” and Jensen keeps giddily tweeting “#MishaCollins” to spite him


дженсен и паттерн его сексуальных сцен

в каждой шутке

дженсен и побои

дженсен и следование инструкциям

\дани, \миша, \джаред

по материалам юзеров:

@темы: блядские гены прабабушки, because God commanded it



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дерзкий джен в каноне на пейринговый AU-фестиваль
нарушаем правила грамотно

@темы: к черту блины, будут комочки, because God commanded it, spn


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“Let us See where Sam and Dean (and Castiel) are Emotionally in the Story: As fans, we’re already invested in these characters. Even so, in order to continue to relate to them, we have to have some insight into their thoughts and feelings. As you know, the only way to do that in a TV show is by way of the characters’ actions and through dialogue. We need Sam and Dean to talk to each other more. Or, they at least need to talk to other characters. Whichever way you choose to do it, show what they’re going through while they’re actually going through it. If Sam doesn’t look for Dean in Purgatory and throws away his phones, fine - but give him a few sentences to explain why he did so every time Dean (or another character) confronts him about it. If Dean says Benny is a better brother, let him explain the context of that statement. If Sam implies he and Dean can’t be brothers, show why he feels that way. For example, couldn’t you have had Sam tell Dean he was having nightmares about his hands killing Kevin before the season finale? Better yet, why not show Sam actually having the nightmares?

Though we fans like to engage in head canon, we shouldn’t have to do it so frequently. Because if we do, the story becomes less meaningful to the audience – namely because everyone is guessing what it actually means. It also seems to increase the anger and hostility on the message boards. Often times on Supernatural fan forums, discussion about the episode gives way to arguments when fans fight over what actually happened on screen. Yes, I know, all fiction is left to be interpreted by the audience to an extent, but if we’re constantly doing it because the writing is so vague, then maybe something’s missing. This can be fixed with more explicit action and dialogue from the characters, especially the brothers. At the very least, let Sam and Dean finish their own sentences. Sometimes men actually do have a whole conversation with one another.”

Connecting with the Audience in Season 10: A Plea to the Supernatural Writers
Metamorphic Rocks

@темы: пони из плана, because God commanded it


spn - meta recs

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scp-882.tumblr.com/post/124208251488 - Dean; 'Have I Mentioned I’m Heterosexual Today' trope

scp-882.tumblr.com/post/120636897668 - Sam, Dean; sacrifice; 8.23/9.23/10.23
“Sam and Dean know full well what world they are in. They know the players. They understand the lore or know where the find it. There is no excuse for ignorance or for not understanding what it happening and the consequences. The reason they find themselves in trouble is because they make assumptions. They act too quickly and figure they can fix the rest of the mess later which usually means people - other than them - die or get hurt.”

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@темы: пони из плана, because God commanded it, spn


happy 31 sammy

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799, депривация сна, бессонница, 9.18 кода


@темы: spn, because God commanded it, here i tried, к черту блины, будут комочки



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тоже хочу

@темы: because God commanded it


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прямиком с niconico, не могу не

читать дальше

спокойной ночи ~

@темы: V, because God commanded it, jp go home you're drunk

гневик и обидка (◡‿◡✿)