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Записи с темой: supernatural (список заголовков)

спн 22-23

my kink is when people admit i was right
“The ones he loves were working to save him. This is, and always has been, Dean's biggest problem. He cannot see things as they actually are, just in terms of how they affect him. He's still thinking like a dictator. If they do as I say they can be trusted and if they don't then they can't be trusted.' It' a crazy situation to put characters in because very often what Dean wants does not benefit the greater good.” (x)

“The scene was supposed to have a sense of necessity because Sam ‘can’t let go’, but Death and everybody else forgot that there’s at least one other person - who’s actually got many more years than Sam to come up with solutions and could possibly muster enough energy to easily travel to whatever fucking meteorite Dean is stranded on - who wouldn’t be at peace until they had found Dean Winchester and made him ok again or fail and still be by his side. Which made the whole, ‘Sam you in particular have to die’ quite senseless.” (x)

@темы: L, because God commanded it, Supernatural


castiel - fic recs

my kink is when people admit i was right
«Castiel stares at him, like Dean has the answers to all the problems of the universe inside his head, and then he’s beside Dean, way too close. His voice fills up the limited space between them:
- I won’t hurt you.
Dean’s smile is a brittle thing, it hurts his face, phantom pain, the memory of a fist.
- Not anymore, huh?»

«- It’s okay, - Dean reassures, full to the brim with the need to reassure Cas, to give him something back, even if he can’t remember exactly what it is Castiel gave up for him. He brings a hand up, hesitating by Castiel’s head and then, on a shaky exhale, settling it, sliding his fingers into Castiel’s hair. - It’s not your fault.
Cas shudders, eyes slipping half closed, lips parting, and Dean is half-hard all of a sudden, feels like he’s fallen into a dream or a memory. He whispers:
- You can’t change what I am, - he snorts. - I don’t think you want to».

«The warm body pressed against his is there so seamlessly that Dean almost believes that he imagined it was ever missing. Cas lies there like a board, like when they did this before he never stayed the night, like he has no idea how to actually sleep with a person. But he came back when Dean asked, and when Dean squints up at him in the weak light, his expression is confused and yearning. Dean is starting to think that’s just the way Cas looks at him. He grunts, and reaches out to grab Castiel’s wrist, rolling over onto his stomach and dragging Cas up against him, half-sprawled across his back. There’s something intensely gratifying about the way Cas curls into him, his breath rushing out across Dean’s skin, his voice almost a whisper:
- This is alright?
Dean feels his mouth twitch, the beginnings of a smile. He says:
- Yeah, Cas. This is good».

cheesewithmy, читать дальше | перевод

«Он обернулся и посмотрел на Кроули.
- Я не могу.
Ноги не слушались, а замерзшие пальцы не могли выпустить холодную ладонь женщины. Кроули схватил его за шиворот халата и легко поднял, прислонив к стене.
- Скрепить. Сделку, - выдохнул демон в его лицо».

white-author, читать дальше

«- One day when I'm king, you will be by my side as my adviser.
- Why would I do that? - Castiel asked from where he was perched in the tree, wings moving in a steady motion, throwing cool air onto the young prince. Castiel's father was a few paces away, reading a book through his glasses.
- Because, I don't want anyone else to be my adviser, - Dean sat up where he laid and looked up at Castiel. - Besides, you're my best friend, who else would I be able to ask».

hippivickyx, читать дальше | перевод

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my kink is when people admit i was right
шла вторая половина ФБ, когда я прочитала этот текст, и одной из первых мыслей было "а Тикки он мог бы понравиться"
соу... это что-то вроде подарка-благодарности. небеченый перевод для замечательной беты ^ ^'

и работа на календарь

@темы: к черту блины, будут комочки, because God commanded it, Supernatural


castiel - fic recs

my kink is when people admit i was right
«- I would destroy entire planets if you were in danger and I wouldn’t think twice about it. And I wouldn’t change it. I wouldn’t change that about myself, not if it meant protecting you. I couldn’t change it, even if I wanted to. That, I think, is what scares me the most.
Dean’s mouth opens, then closes again, stricken.
- That’s…not a good thing, Cas, - he says finally, his voice weak.
- I know. That’s why I’m afraid of it».

«Cas blinks for a moment in shock, very much awake, before he curls back further into Dean, picking up his hand where it’s resting on the mattress and intertwining their fingers experimentally. This, he imagines, is how human couples sleep, and for a moment he’s knocked breathless at the prospect; how bizarre it is, he thinks, the way his stomach clenches and his heart stutters in its beats, for this. He thinks he’ll have to make himself forget this in the morning, forget the way his chest seems to fill with this sourceless, pounding ache, this odd and cloying nostalgia like he’s known Dean for his entire existence. He’ll forget, Cas thinks, drowsing toward sleep, he has to forget.
Dean smells like alcohol, so surely, mercifully, he too will forget.
Cas, human, selfish, needy, touch-hungry as he is, squeezes Dean’s hand tighter before he lets go, and sleeps».

«- I’m not asking to be a hero, - Cas retorts, just as agitated, shifting from foot to foot. He looks as though he’s ruffling out some invisible feathers. - And I’m not focused on the consequences for myself. What happens to me doesn’t matter.
- Well, that’s not how I see it.
- We see things differently, then.
- What if it were me? - Dean asks, and he knows it’s a low blow by the way Cas’ eyes seem to tighten, the way he draws himself inward. - No, seriously, tell me, Cas. What if I stood here, stood across from you, looked at you straight-on and told you that I was going to nuke myself so that a bunch of angels with sticks up their asses could go home to Daddy. What would you say to me?
- I wouldn’t let you, - Cas says».

«There’s such an odd, human connotation to being in love, he thinks. While his care and compassion for Dean are obvious to both of them, it would most likely terrify or infuriate Dean if he were to tell him, simply, that he loves him. They’re just words, placed in the right order, that describe more aptly how Cas feels; that he loves Dean to the base of his soul, the best parts of him and the worst, and that the happiest he can imagine himself is being with Dean for the rest of his precarious existence. It’s actually quite a relief for him that he can categorize that distinct feeling into something decidedly human, and perhaps relatable».

«The whole thing is stupid. He honestly thinks this is why he and Cas skirt and tango and dance their way around real conversations. Because here’s Dean, under the full realization now that Cas cares about him to a terrifying extent, but it’s still not enough to make a difference. Cas is probably, now more than ever, aware of what Dean feels for him, at least to a certain degree, and it too isn’t enough to change a damn thing. They’re caught in a helpless whirlpool that rips them apart, over and over again, and that’s honestly why Dean would rather just sidestep this whole ugly mess. The whole potential, romantic feelings thing. His relationship with Cas is already twisted in a hopeless number of knots; it’d be downright masochistic to tangle it further.
This wasn’t supposed to happen. Like, really. Even now, as he tries to rack through the scattered timeline of their (sometimes fucked-up, usually painful, always unarticulated) history, Dean can’t put a thumb on one moment where he looked at Cas sideways and thought, 'I want you with me always'. He tries but he can’t; it’s like he and Cas exist in the space of before and after. He thinks, objectively, that he can recall what it felt like to not have feelings for Cas, but now that he’s in the whole “feelings” camp, he can’t remember feeling another way».

mishcollin, читать дальше

@темы: опознавательные знаки, because God commanded it, Supernatural


деанон <1000

my kink is when people admit i was right
340, ау пост-9 сезона на арт
смерть персонажа

без названия

799, 6 сезон, кас/кроули
отбечено и причесано джоведи

свобода стоила мне крыльев

@темы: к черту блины, будут комочки, here i tried, because God commanded it, Supernatural


деанон >1000

my kink is when people admit i was right
местами страшно опаздывала, но принесла все задуманное и немного сверху
не удивлюсь, если меня начнут считать психически неуравновешенным виртуалом джоведи (а некоторые уже)

динокас романтический

динокас ангстовый (вместе с премилой Вицемир)

вообще не динокас

дин и кас, но все прилично

дерзкий джен, куда ж без него

лайкайте меня, фалловите

@темы: к черту блины, будут комочки, ФБ, because God commanded it, Supernatural



my kink is when people admit i was right
дерзкий джен в каноне на пейринговый AU-фестиваль
нарушаем правила грамотно

@темы: к черту блины, будут комочки, because God commanded it, Supernatural


spn - meta recs

my kink is when people admit i was right
scp-882.tumblr.com/post/124208251488 - Dean; 'Have I Mentioned I’m Heterosexual Today' trope

scp-882.tumblr.com/post/120636897668 - Sam, Dean; sacrifice; 8.23/9.23/10.23
“Sam and Dean know full well what world they are in. They know the players. They understand the lore or know where the find it. There is no excuse for ignorance or for not understanding what it happening and the consequences. The reason they find themselves in trouble is because they make assumptions. They act too quickly and figure they can fix the rest of the mess later which usually means people - other than them - die or get hurt.”

запись создана: 18.02.2013 в 22:23

@темы: пони из плана, because God commanded it, Supernatural


castiel - fic recs

my kink is when people admit i was right
«This wasn't sex, Dean realised through the fog of touch and need and want and "oh god I missed this so fucking much", this was a reaffirmation. This was Cas staking a claim. This was Castiel finally understanding what love was and how Dean had been the one to show him.
- No one can want you like I do, - Castiel said as he pushed inside Dean with too little prep, too little lube, - no can need you like I do, if it takes all of eternity, - he thrust hard, - to, - another thrust, - teach, - another, each word punctuated with the motion and there was no pain, there was only bliss and need and want because Castiel was a god, - you then I will happily spend it».

seraphim_grace, читать дальше

«Cas shuts the door and leans his back against its frame, breathing in slow and mentally castigating himself. What would be wrong with pursuing a relationship a very nice man, a good friend who's interested in him?
Nothing, Cas thinks dully when he finally settles down for bed. Nothing would be wrong with that at all».

mishcollin, читать дальше

«Cas doesn’t complain out loud, of course. Cas grumbles a lot but only over the small things; Dean’s never heard him say how much he hates being human, or that he regrets giving up his grace to cure Sam after the tablet fiasco, or that the mundane routines of taking care of himself are a waste of his time. He admitted, once, while they were drunk that first time Dean succeeded in getting Cas drunk at all, that he wouldn’t change a single thing, and Dean’s held on to that.
Dean’s wanted to believe that he is one of the reasons Cas is okay with how his life’s turned out.
Yet… Cas thinks of himself as a guest in the bunker. Cas doesn’t always ask when he wants something. Dean’s been living under the same fucking roof as the guy but he had no idea Cas has picked up habits and chosen favorites and sequestered a small pile of candy in his room because he thinks Sam has been stealing his stash. Maybe Ellie will teach Cas to drive soon, and that’ll put the metaphorical keys in his hand to send him out of Dean’s life. That’s a stupid, selfish way to look at someone else’s choices in life, but Dean happens to be stupid and selfish».

scaramouche, читать дальше | перевод

«And he really doesn’t know why he does it, but he keeps pulling, and when the coat has too much slack he moves his hand to his collar and pulls again. Soon Cas is boxing him in, their faces inches away from each other and Dean’s heart hammering so fucking hard he’s sure Cas could hear it plain as anything even without his angelic mojo.
He tugs one more time before Cas finally fucking gets it».

artsyUnderstudy, читать дальше

«И вдруг ангел объявился – нежданно-негаданно, во время схватки с демонами, в яркой вспышке тёплого света – и Дин испытал такую же короткую и яркую вспышку радости: вот он, все тот же ангел в дурацком плаще цвета легкого кварцевого песка и с глазами цвета неба перед грозой. Но Сэм перебил и мысли, и почти сорвавшееся с губ имя прямым и логичным вопросом: «А где ты, собственно, был?»
Кастиэль отвечал что-то, а радость в сердце Дина медленно гасла. Потому что перед ним снова стоял его ангел, но что-то все еще было НЕ ТАК».

Derek Winslow, читать дальше

«Dean glanced at him disbelievingly, but he seemed completely serious; this was how Castiel actually talked.
- I don't know, man, what's on the itinerary?
Castiel exhaled through his nose.
- I want to lay you out on my bed and spank you with my open hand until you weep, - he said, perfectly matter-of-factly, in a voice that made Dean's bones feel molten. - If I have your consent».

unknown, читать дальше

«- He’s going to get tired of this eventually, - Bela says. - Do you have a plan B?
- This was the plan B, - Castiel says».

«- For fuck’s sake, - Bela says, and twists around Castiel, puts him between herself and Dean and holds the blade against his throat. - Wake up, Dean! You’re the king of hell! This is what you do. These are the rules. You take your tribute in blood. You build your army. I pledged my loyalty- I’ll cut as many throats as you like, starting with this one. Take it!»
orange_crushed, читать дальше

«Dean grasped tightly at the front of Castiel's shirt.
- You stay with us, - he demanded. - This time you fucking stay with us. If you run off again, Cas, so help me I will hurt you.
His voice grated, like it was difficult to speak, but Dean still managed to sound livid.
- You won't».

«He couldn’t help but feel something like loved. It was a thing Castiel had not known since being cast out of Heaven, and it was a thing that Castiel had never thought he would experience ever again. To find it here, on Earth, with the Winchester brothers and their car was both a surprise and a joy, and a reminder of why he was here».
takadainmate, читать дальше | перевод

@темы: опознавательные знаки, because God commanded it, Supernatural


happy 31 sammy

my kink is when people admit i was right
799, депривация сна, бессонница, 9.18 кода


@темы: Supernatural, because God commanded it, here i tried, к черту блины, будут комочки


деанон >1000

my kink is when people admit i was right
устоявшиеся, мать их, отношения

две любимые части из серии "7 смертных грехов"

дерзкий джен

рпс нц (aka источник вдохновения анонов спн-инсайда 2013. как весело быть популярной)

три меты впихнула в старый пост, ибо

+ два позорных мишедженсена, потом

@темы: к черту блины, будут комочки, ФБ, because God commanded it, Supernatural


деанон <1000

my kink is when people admit i was right
765, нц, конец 6 сезона
спасибо спирит за вычитку

лучик света

594, между 4.20 и 5.01

она говорит маме, что ничего не помнит

@темы: к черту блины, будут комочки, here i tried, because God commanded it, Supernatural


happy 5th anniversary, cas

my kink is when people admit i was right
рейтинговый джен, высокая концентрация символизма
опечатки изгоняла Зарема, а с бетингом не сложилось

@темы: к черту блины, будут комочки, because God commanded it, Supernatural


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my kink is when people admit i was right
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castiel - fic recs

my kink is when people admit i was right
«It was the peace of one who had known unconditional love, the gift Dean had bought him at the price of his own childhood and any hope of having the same».
«There had been hundreds of millions of nights that hadn't involved standing guard over a motel room, but what Dean didn't understand was how completely Castiel had destroyed that life».
Thanfiction, читать дальше | перевод

«Dean isn’t used to feeling like that. Hell, he’s spent years perfecting his game-face, and all this bastard has to do is tilt his damn head, and just stare at him – like he’s doing right the fuck now – and Dean feels open and exposed, feels vulnerable, like all that makes him the person he is, is there for the angel to see. And judge».
«- You’re my only hope, - Dean whispers, more to himself than Castiel, shaking his head at how fucking surreal all of this is. - I can’t fight Heaven, Hell and Sam all at once. So, it doesn’t really matter whether or not I trust you, Cas. I need you».
izazov, читать дальше | перевод

«- You're okay with this? Us dying and ending up here, wherever here is?
Dean wants to answer, he really does, but he's already shoved a sandwich into his mouth and is far too busy chewing».

«Heaven is a bit of a ghost town, which is a little weird and pings all sorts of hunting instincts. He starts looking for cracks in this whole so-called heaven thing. Experience has shown him that if something is too good to be true it's usually too good to be true».
«He's just Cas, and Dean knows him completely».
nekosmuse, читать дальше | перевод

«Dean tried, he tried so hard, to think of his stint in Hell as a four-month interlude in his normal, mortal life, but at the end of the day he knew forty years when he saw it — forty years as an adult, without fifteen wasted growing into himself. He'd been Dean Winchester in Hell almost three times as long as he'd been Dean Winchester on Earth, and among other things it had completely fucked up his understanding of how to manage and maintain a human body».
«Dean was aware again of his own nakedness and Castiel's relative lack of same. It turned out to be an inventory of his injuries, which was kind of sexy but not, clearly, driven by a sexual motivation; it was just Castiel looking after him».
«- What you left behind in Hell was the Dean Winchester who had never tortured another frightened, flawed person. Not a part of yourself, but a way of looking at yourself. That's all. When I gathered you in my arms it was all of you that I gathered».
architeuthis, читать дальше | перевод

«Dean’s half-sure Cas knows exactly what’s up, has always known exactly what’s up, that this whole your-human-ways-are-foreign-to-me thing has been an act for years. But he’s not sure enough. One thing is true regardless.
- God, you’re a dick, - he says».

«- I hope your idea of doing this ‘right’ doesn’t take as much time as finding the ‘right’ word to describe how you feel about me».
cadignan, читать дальше | перевод

@темы: опознавательные знаки, because God commanded it, Supernatural


castiel - fic recs

my kink is when people admit i was right
- Why can't you see what I see when I look at you?

«Если под взглядом Локи Дин чувствовал себя неуютно, словно его пытаются препарировать и разглядеть внутренности, то взгляд Одина стал просто сокрушающим. Нет, это не было плохо. Просто Дин со всем спокойствием осознал, что для Одина нет секретов. Он прошел через него, как волна через рыболовную сеть, и мягко отступил назад. Глупо было думать, что он чего-то не узнает».
«- Жрецы так делали. Запирались изнутри, чтобы вознести молитву.
- Я, значит, теперь жрец… - протянул Дин.
- Ты одет как жрец, - Кастиэль провел ладонью по складкам его одеяния.
- А ты мой бог?»

Natuzzi, читать дальше

«- Я что, избранный типа Нео, мессия или что-то такое?
Ангел качает головой в ответ, кажется - улыбается самыми краешками губ, но глаза у него все равно печальные.
- Нет, вовсе нет».

Fujin!!, читать дальше

«- Добей, - молит Дин. Так просто. Сделай выбор за него: отправь на Небо последним ударом, сам сверши Апокалипсис. Пади, пади еще ниже, и из этого Ада спасать уже некому - это навечно. Разбитые костяшки саднят - Люциферу, наверное, понравилось бы сегодняшнее избиение. Все меньше ангельского, но ведь боль - человеческая! Кастиэль выныривает из этой бурлящей ярости, цепляясь за ощущения весселя - Дин не может стоять на ногах, что может Кастиэль? Что он может дать потерявшему веру Дину, если сам ангел верит только Дину и только в Дина? А теперь, что теперь?»
Smth_Blue, читать дальше

«Я был чертовски прав, - думает Дин и в раздражении бьёт ладонями по рулю. - И Сэм был прав. И Бобби прав. Нужно было остаться в Шарлотте. Но я гоню хрен знает куда вот уже восьмой час, и я трое суток не спал нормально. Кто-нибудь может мне ответить, зачем я это делаю? Зачем мы это делаем?!
Кастиэль сидит рядом с ним, уставившись на собственные колени. Минуту назад он ответил: Не могу.
Не могу объяснить. Прости. Доверься мне».

«Губы у него разомкнуты, вид такой, словно он собирается Дина поцеловать, но у него постоянно такой вид, это ничего не значит, Дин привык».
Ауренга, читать дальше

«Однажды она станет королевой, и он как верный солдат, поможет ей взлететь достаточно высоко, чтобы можно было потом упасть на нужный ей трон. Но не стоит обманываться на этот счет: Мэг - оса. И властвовать ей предстоит над осами, но не над ним.
- … Мне нужно знать…
Он кивает: да, ему тоже нужно знать».

Синдром смеющейся марионетки, читать дальше

«Потому что, возможно, если в чудо не верить, оно произойдет назло».
Аллана, читать дальше

«Кастиэль сидит на его кровати, молчит, не шевелится, и кажется, он мог бы просидеть так до самого рассвета, пока братишка не вернется, и как-то неловко даже от того, что кто-то приходит просто посидеть рядом с тобой, особенно если он работает на Небесах».
Fujin!!, читать дальше

«Кастиэль выглядит… да обычно он выглядит. Нет темных кругов под глазами, или помятой одежды, или пятна от кофе на галстуке, или чего еще такого, что может указать на крайнюю степень усталости. Разве что тон голоса суховат. Но кто это замечает вообще? Ну, кроме Дина. Он вообще не должен замечать эту мелочь и трактовать ее как усталость. И тем более шестым чувством знать, откуда она взялась».
«В десять лет Дин пожелал на новый год бэтмобиль, и чтобы с утра всегда было молоко. Холодное.
В четырнадцать – чтобы хоть на один день Импала принадлежала только ему.
Все, что он хотел в восемнадцать, он брал не задумываясь. Можно предположить, что тогда ему стоило пожелать мозгов».

ХитроЖопый Катце, читать дальше

@темы: опознавательные знаки, because God commanded it, Supernatural


my kink is when people admit i was right
2070, ау к 8.22, сэм должен исповедаться


@темы: here i tried, because God commanded it, Supernatural, к черту блины, будут комочки


my kink is when people admit i was right

читать дальше / via ЗеленыйКот

@темы: because God commanded it, Supernatural, A



my kink is when people admit i was right
конкурсная аналитика, вычитка less25

кастиэль, матчасть
надругательство над физикой

квантово-механические ангелы (или «брось ангела в стену и посмотри, что будет»)

дин, сэм, кастиэль; сэра гэмбл, эрик крипке, джереми карвер
включает прогнозы на финал 8 сезона, составленные до его выхода

укажи мне путь

кастиэль, спн-фандом
психологические триггеры хейтерства

динамика в фандоме: машинальная ненависть (или «почему плохо быть тобой»)

@темы: пони из плана, here i tried, because God commanded it, Supernatural


my kink is when people admit i was right

гневик и обидка (◡‿◡✿)