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Записи с темой: my problematic fave (список заголовков)

my kink is when people admit i was right
о боже кто эта шикарная телочка, обложенная котами и книгами скотта каана

в общем, Криштя знает толк в том, как быть профессиональной фангерл

теперь я должна попасть в америку и подписать их~

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my kink is when people admit i was right
маст-рид интервью, хочу его здесь
а где-то в калифорнии ленков втыкает иголки в маленькую фигурку алекса

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One of the best parts of this show is watching the dynamic between Steve and Danno because it’s so fun and so funny, and they’ve been through a lot together, since it all started. What do you still enjoy about playing that dynamic and working with Scott Caan?

O’LOUGHLIN: First of all, he’s a mate of mine. We’ve become mates, over the years, and it’s nice to work with your mate. When you’re friends with the people that you’re working with – and that goes for all of my other cast members – it’s fun. Work becomes less painful. It’s all about the long, long, long hours, and what the show requires of us. So, to do all of that, day after day, and to produce this show the way that we do, with friends, makes it worth doing. If we weren’t friends, I wouldn’t have signed on for a couple more years. Specifically, I think that our dynamic together is really important. It’s part of what makes this show appealing and it’s part of what makes this show enjoyable to watch. I love seeing what our dynamic brings out because sometimes it’s a surprise to us, as well.

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my kink is when people admit i was right

my kink is when people admit i was right
эй, Криштя .D
полная по клику


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my kink is when people admit i was right
я буду хвастаться везде-везде, потому что могу

Криштя, ♥

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my kink is when people admit i was right
чтения "The Perfomance of Heartbreak" Скотта у Кришти
притворюсь, что не завидую

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my kink is when people admit i was right
“As an artist today, I think it is almost impossible to do exactly what you want. You have to listen to other people. You have to work with opinions. You have to change. Purity in most art forms is a struggle. Certainly acting or writing. Especially directing. So much that sometimes the art gets lost. The feeling of it anyway. Having your ideas, cognitive or not, and following through precisely… Not impossible, but for one reason or another, really hard.”
— Scott Caan, Photographs Vol. 1

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не видела раньше

my kink is when people admit i was right
“The reason that Angels are such a big deal on the show is because of Misha.
Had someone else come in as Cas and stiffed it we would have only done a one year angel storyline and then we would have moved on to something else.
He was so endlessly interesting and then you started fleshing out his world and because Misha was so compelling it evolved”.

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my kink is when people admit i was right
Chris Pratt wants a role on H50

(x) (x)

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my kink is when people admit i was right
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my kink is when people admit i was right
на тамблер принесли старое интервью с кааном старшим (х)
он называет скотта "apple of my eye". это, наверное, не должно так сильно меня радовать .D
и самое прекрасное:

His son Scott also played baseball as well as basketball and soccer, on teams that his dad coached, but it was his skill with a bat that had his father thinking major leagues and, a few years later, thinking about cocaine rehab.
“I thought I was fooling my son. I was so stupid,” Caan says. “I mean, you’re never consciously hurting people, but when you look back, you go, ‘Oh my God.’ I didn’t think he knew what was going on, you know; you think that kids aren’t bright enough. But that’s what woke me up, pretty much. Scott went after some guy – Scott was 15, 16 – with a baseball bat. He was going to kill him. A dope dealer. My son! It’s like crying out of one eye and smiling out of the other, you know? That was like the rude awakening. It was over.”

а ночью финалка

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my kink is when people admit i was right
"I'll blow you every day for a month. You'll be in such a good mood, you'll have to actually act to play."
space, читать дальше
а это было очень странно.
и в тоже время немного мило?
не пойму, сквикнули или кинкнули меня все эти сравнения и сопоставления, кто как трахается
странно-мило, да


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- for ts

my kink is when people admit i was right
хочешь выбить пыль из глаз - почитай, как твое новое увлечение обсуждают бывшие фанаты

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#your fave is problematic

my kink is when people admit i was right
в поисках старого интервью с гавайским кастом наткнулась на еще один скандал
начало 2013 года. скотт на национальном тв
о том, что нелюбовь к острову у них с денни - общая черта, большого секрета никогда не делали, но эта ведущая знает свою работу...

Chelsea: She gets to live in Hawaii now, you like that right?
Scott: No I don’t. She doesn’t either. That’s why she should get the purple heart. She’s just sticking it out…
Chelsea: What’s wrong with Hawaii? There are no snakes in Hawaii?
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открыла эту новость на четырех разных ресурсах. везде за сотню комментариев. если собрать часто повторяющиеся фразы и скомпилировать в одну законченную предъяву, получится примерно следующее:

fucking haole, мы дали тебе работу, хлеб и кров над головой, а ты критикуешь наш остров, нашу еду, наш серфинг и образ жизни? я вообще-то не смотрю перезапуск, потому что он говно, но считаю, что тебя пора отправить домой и отдать роль Данно тому, кто будет уважать и ценить гавайскую культуру (желательно кому-нибудь местному), а тебя пусть папочка со связями пропихнет в другое место

алоха спирит лал
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my kink is when people admit i was right
постыдный бабский кинк: я страшно люблю mmf</большой секрет>

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*радио, не приноси в комментарии порнуху, пожалуйста, у меня тут приличный блог

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my kink is when people admit i was right
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в the guardian очередной журналист фапнул на харди

Tom Hardy achieved something impressive last night: he managed to be the most menacing person in Peaky Blinders (BBC2), a series in which everyone is capable of slicing someone else’s face off without prior notice. Hardy was Mr Solomons of the Camden Jews, with whom the Shelbys of Birmingham are looking to side in the war with the Italians. He was even scary from behind, which is how he made his entrance, walking away from the camera toward his first meeting with Thomas Shelby. [...] The only problem with Hardy’s brief appearance was that I kept hoping he’d turn up again, and he didn’t. It was a fantastic performance, compelling and funny in a way that made you afraid to laugh. [...] I held my breath for most of his time on screen.

same, Tim, same
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my kink is when people admit i was right
ха, я все-таки получила его автограф

Alizeya: читать дальше

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my kink is when people admit i was right
у меня есть несколько свободных минут, чтобы накатать отчет
но я не буду этого делать

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my kink is when people admit i was right
после премьеры в торонто деш забрасывает новыми интервью
endlessly quotable man, как сказал один журналист

“I love to do things I hadn’t done before,” says Hardy. Which explains that one time he tried on the big ol’ studio rom-com This Means War – and, well, hated it. “I didn’t understand how you could do something which is so much fun and be so miserable doing it,” he says, blaming himself for feeling ‘other’ on set. So consider that box checked. “I probably won’t do a romantic comedy again, do you know what I mean?”

“You’ve got to be prepared to have all of that stripped off. I’m very grateful for where I’m at today. But if tomorrow I end up in jail or a place where I don’t have the security that I have, I’m not going to be shocked, in my head.”

Hardy believes in going all-out; he wants “to pursue the investigation of aggression and sex and violence,” and he appreciates co-stars who will go there with him. “I like intimacy as well, but boundary-busting is key,” he says. He’s had co-stars say, “That’s enough,” and call cut. But Hardy doesn’t play that way.
“If the sсript says, ‘He gets stabbed relentlessly,’ the word relentless means it’s relentless,” Hardy says curtly. “That’s your fucking job; you need to be relentless. If you’re not willing to be, why are you here? If I sign up to be stabbed relentlessly, I expect to be relentlessly stabbed. I put a pad on and let you go to town.”

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my kink is when people admit i was right
уже не новость

Tom Hardy is officially set to join Leonardo DiCaprio in New Regency’s Western “The Revenant.”


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гневик и обидка (◡‿◡✿)