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http://sara-tanaquil.livejournal.com/182571.html - Enies Lobby; crew member's reaction to Robin leaving, and what that tells about their character
“Of all of them, I see Sanji as the one who reacts with unconditional love and acceptance. He is often the caretaker of the group (the obsession with feeding everyone is only the most obvious manifestation of that). He chooses to follow Robin without ever knowing, or even particularly trying to find out, whether she has betrayed them or not (he leaves that up to the others).”
“If Robin had really been what Kalifa and Lucci and the others are, I wonder just how long he would have followed and kept trying to reach out to her before giving up.”

http://verybrave.tumblr.com/post/75864283480 - Sanji & crew
“i think sanji has always known what it’s like to be loved (honestly i feel it’s pretty hard to argue against this). i think he was the darling of the baratie. i think, upon meeting sanji, all the cooks discovered, with varying degrees of denial and discomfort, that they actually were the doting uncle-types all along (not too surprising, tough guys, because i bet a fair number of you have MOM tattooed on your arms) because although sanji is an annoying punk he is also small and stringy and he dogs zeff’s footsteps like he doesn’t know where else to go.”
“i think sanji and the strawhats all love each other unreservedly, and for sanji it’s natural because he’s always known what it’s like to be loved and love comes easily to him (baratie-brand love, anyway). he truly and honestly admires each of his crewmates, and if there’s something they can’t do— so what? that’s what he’s there for and vice versa. it’s not a shortcoming. i think sanji’s especially cognizant of what his crewmates believe or don’t believe they deserve, and he makes sure they know they deserve everything (feasts and snacks, for sure, but more than that, ensuring the pantry stays stocked), because if he does then certainly so do they.”

http://xarciel.tumblr.com/post/77533088614 - Sanji; character development; Thriller Bark
“When Sanji followed his dream, two ships sank, hundreds of people died, he and Zeff nearly starved to death and Sanji was responsible for Zeff losing his pirating career. Sanji spent three months facing down the consequences of his actions and the rest of his life trying to repent for his mistakes. While Zoro doesn’t get a true taste of the futility that facing death creates until Kuma, Sanji comes into the series already much more burdened by the weight of responsibility.”
“Sanji doesn’t have a problem with death, he has a problem with his own dreams. Sanji has convinced himself that following your dream is selfish, dangerous and futile. And ya know what; Zoro and Luffy prove him right. Despite that though, they also give him hope. They push through the other side of their ridiculous actions and not only survive, but decide to continue with their dreams.”

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