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«Castiel stares at him, like Dean has the answers to all the problems of the universe inside his head, and then he’s beside Dean, way too close. His voice fills up the limited space between them:
- I won’t hurt you.
Dean’s smile is a brittle thing, it hurts his face, phantom pain, the memory of a fist.
- Not anymore, huh?»

«- It’s okay, - Dean reassures, full to the brim with the need to reassure Cas, to give him something back, even if he can’t remember exactly what it is Castiel gave up for him. He brings a hand up, hesitating by Castiel’s head and then, on a shaky exhale, settling it, sliding his fingers into Castiel’s hair. - It’s not your fault.
Cas shudders, eyes slipping half closed, lips parting, and Dean is half-hard all of a sudden, feels like he’s fallen into a dream or a memory. He whispers:
- You can’t change what I am, - he snorts. - I don’t think you want to».

«The warm body pressed against his is there so seamlessly that Dean almost believes that he imagined it was ever missing. Cas lies there like a board, like when they did this before he never stayed the night, like he has no idea how to actually sleep with a person. But he came back when Dean asked, and when Dean squints up at him in the weak light, his expression is confused and yearning. Dean is starting to think that’s just the way Cas looks at him. He grunts, and reaches out to grab Castiel’s wrist, rolling over onto his stomach and dragging Cas up against him, half-sprawled across his back. There’s something intensely gratifying about the way Cas curls into him, his breath rushing out across Dean’s skin, his voice almost a whisper:
- This is alright?
Dean feels his mouth twitch, the beginnings of a smile. He says:
- Yeah, Cas. This is good».

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«Он обернулся и посмотрел на Кроули.
- Я не могу.
Ноги не слушались, а замерзшие пальцы не могли выпустить холодную ладонь женщины. Кроули схватил его за шиворот халата и легко поднял, прислонив к стене.
- Скрепить. Сделку, - выдохнул демон в его лицо».

white-author, читать дальше

«- One day when I'm king, you will be by my side as my adviser.
- Why would I do that? - Castiel asked from where he was perched in the tree, wings moving in a steady motion, throwing cool air onto the young prince. Castiel's father was a few paces away, reading a book through his glasses.
- Because, I don't want anyone else to be my adviser, - Dean sat up where he laid and looked up at Castiel. - Besides, you're my best friend, who else would I be able to ask».

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