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"Types of study design" (x), развернутый конспект.

There are literally thousands of ways to design a study. When a news story suggests, "A new scientific study has found..." or a celebrity doctor begins a sentence with, "Studies show...", you need to ask, "What kind of studies?" Because "studies" are not equally reliable, they all have different limitations, and they should not be acted on in the same manner — or even acted on at all.

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"Stop googling your health questions" (x), выдержки.

Databases of Systematic Reviews

Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews Systematic reviews on health issues.
Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects Systematic reviews on health issues.
Evidence Updates Systematic reviews on clinical issues.
Health Evidence Systematic reviews on public health issues.
Health Systems Evidence Systematic reviews on health systems issues.
Campbell Collaboration Library of Systematic Reviews Systematic reviews on education, crime and justice, and social welfare.
PubMed Health Systematic reviews on health issues.

If you don't find information about the health question you're researching in one of these databases, there are other good, evidence-based sources. Try MedlinePlus, Mayo Clinic, and NHS Choices. For more reliable health information, bookmark this page on the top 100 health websites you can trust. And if you want to nerd out about medical evidence check out the book Testing Treatments, which is free to download.

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"Research study hype" (x), выдержки.

In 2003, researchers writing in the American Journal of Medicine discovered something that should change how you think about medical news. They looked at 101 studies published in top scientific journals between 1979 and 1983 that claimed a new therapy or medical technology was very promising. Only five, they found out, made it to market within a decade. Only one (ACE inhibitors, a pharmaceutical drug) was still extensively used at the time of their publication.

>>> the overwhelming majority of studies in medicine fail <<<

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