my kink is when people admit i was right
"I'll blow you every day for a month. You'll be in such a good mood, you'll have to actually act to play."
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а это было очень странно.
и в тоже время немного мило?
не пойму, сквикнули или кинкнули меня все эти сравнения и сопоставления, кто как трахается
странно-мило, да

Yelling at Alex was the equivalent to yelling at Dot: it made Scott feel guilty as fuck, even though they'd been bad and needed to be reprimanded. Dot at least didn't talk back, going to curl up in her crate after being scolded. With Alex it was like a never-ending stream of “why, Scotty, but why, why Scotty why, why-why-why” until he thought his head would explode.

этот фик хочется расковырять, на цитаты, а остальное навсегда вырезать из памяти
он меня бесит и он мне нравится в одинаковой степени, почему я прочитала его только сейчас почему почему ну почему ахаха

“Just let me come over, I know you're bored too.”
“Go play with your dog.”
“I did, for like four hours. She's napping now, she's probably gonna snap at me if I try again.”
“Go to the beach.”
“It's shitty out.”
Scott grit his teeth. “Go for a run.”
“Already did.”
“... go... for a drive,” Scott tossed out, grasping at straws.
“Already did.”
“Go fuck yourself,” Scott said tiredly, flopping back down onto his couch.
“Now that I haven't tried,” Alex replied.

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