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Danny leans back, gets comfortable in his chair. He’s working up a nice little hum of arousal, low in his stomach.
“Don’t get me wrong,” he adds, “I’m not impugning any sexual arrangements you may or may not have going at the present. And I’m sure it’s very satisfactory – I’ll bet you make her feel all kinds of good by the time you’re done. Probably a point of pride, isn’t it? You get her to come first, come twice. I’m trying to decide if you do it with your mouth or your fingers. I’m guessing mouth. You’re a generous guy.
But it’s so controlled, isn’t it? Aren’t you. I’m thinking you count strokes under your breath, careful, one, two, three, four. And you make sure that nobody gets the upper hand, gets in your space and takes you down.
Because I bet you’d break, babe. I bet you’d break just gorgeous.” He wants to clear his throat, but instead he drops the bug into the glass of water, watching the muted spark as it dies.

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еще одно ганстерское ау (мафиозное, если точнее), но без пыток и прочих ужасов, очень такое в стиле гая ричи, маст рид

Danny makes sure he doesn’t run the water until after he says, “Coming right back, babe,” so he knows Steve can hear him. He makes sure the water is warm but not hot, and tries not to think about other uses for a wet washcloth as he lathers it up.
Steve knows all the uses, is what Danny deciphers from the look he gets the second he’s back in Steve’s field of view. Steve knows every last thing you can do with a damp rag, and probably five of the things are how to kill a man. Danny doesn’t want to know.
He eases between Steve’s thighs, which part so easy for him it’s like he’s the hot knife and Steve is the butter. All sorts of clichéd symbolism Danny doesn’t need to think about at this moment. He gets a knuckle under Steve’s chin and tilts it on up, shamelessly watching the line of Steve’s throat and the way his Adam’s apple bobs under the gentle swipe of Danny’s thumb.
“You got dirt all over you, babe,” Danny says, and Steve fucking melts into him, all tension gone with the first drag of the wet cloth over the jut of his jaw.

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That’s just the kind of guy Steve is, and Danny, against his better judgement and the disobedient firing of every single opposite impulse when Steve’s around, is the kind of guy who winds up wanting to please him nonetheless.
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"Are you ready, babe?"
"Ready for wha..." Danny's fist connected with his jaw in a sickly, crunchy sound.
"This is for me. This one," he draw his arm again, "is for Grace." This time, Steve stumbled back a little. "And this one is for Cath..." But Steve caught his fist and, in a flash, Danny's back collided with a wall. He found himself pressed hard between the concrete and his partner's full weight, who was looking at him with darkened eyes.
"Catherine already punched me."
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стремное саммари и ощутимое отсутствие беты окупаются интересной историей
очень красивое признание под действием амнезии. терпеть их не могу, но это останется в тройке лучших.

Some days, when Danny is feeling particularly down on his luck and the guys at the bar are looking particularly unappealing, he wishes he was actually Steve's partner in the non-work sense. Not for any reason, really, certainly not because he's madly in love with the lunatic, no, no, that would be crazy and in direct violation of his self-preservation instincts. Just because it would make it a little better, having to do all these things for Steve that a girlfriend would do, that a boyfriend would do, that a different kind of partner would do if he had one.
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He feels embarrassed and furious about it, because it was Steve who started this whole shitshow, Steve who caught him by the elbow the night before Thanksgiving.
Steve who looked so lost, so weirdly determined, when he tugged Danny close and put his other hand on his waist, every movement like he was monitoring Danny’s reactions. Steve who leaned forward and kissed him, no tongue, barely a brush of lips before pulling away.
And maybe Steve never stopped waiting – or at least hadn’t stopped before this second, because in more than eight weeks Danny’s never gotten kissed like Steve’s kissing him right now, pressed against the cab of the truck and moaning into his mouth.

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"What the hell do you want from me?" Steve growls, angry at himself for giving in to easily again, for wanting to give in. He hates that this man can get to him without even trying, and the sinking realization that no matter what he does in the future: Steve will never be free of him.
"I want you back, Steven." Williams looks him right in the eyes, his voice getting lower until he is purring Steve's name. "I want you on your knees for me, moaning my name, begging for more, for everything I decide to give you. I want you." The words should nauseate him, they should be terrifying, instead they send relief surging through Steve. "And I really want you to want all of that as well, babe. Because otherwise we'll have a bit of a problem."

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унижение, пытки, насилие, pain-addiction, стокгольмский синдром
(у нее же цикл мини Not talking about it, не ау, без нон-кона. очень кинковый и прекрасный)

The truth is that Danny loves it when they’re like this, tired and achey and the only thing that matters is getting each other naked. It doesn’t mean the sex will be good, just that it seems to mean more when the rest of the world’s dropped away for a while. Danny looks forward to it at the end of the day, going home with and to Steve, no one banging on their door or begging their attention. That and Steve’s beautifully easy to live with; they know how to work around and with each other, grouse good-naturedly, and then fall asleep wrapped up together. Danny’s not had that before, not really.
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