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He was stirring a little, tensing, and Danny realized with a growing sense of horror that his lunatic of a partner was readying himself to move.
“Can we talk about this?” he asked plaintively even as he tensed up himself, because Steve might be a moron sometimes, but he was Danny’s moron and Danny had his back no matter what. Two guys on the right, one on the left, and he knew Steve was going for the duo, gunshot wound and concussion be damned.
“No time.” And then Steve came up off the floor, but he wasn’t going for the guards, he was going for Danny, his mouth pressing against Danny’s in a hard, wet kiss, wild and a little off-center, too much teeth and tongue to be any good, too much passion and desperate emotion for it to be anything but perfect.

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Grace is already asleep, lulled by the gentle rocking of the cabin and the thrum of the engine in front of them. Steve’s eyes linger on her tired face, aware that all too soon she’ll be gone from his life forever, like she never turned his thoughts upside down. .. And then there’s Danny, he thinks, throwing him a glance out of the corner of his eye. Danny’s eyes are still closed, face gone slack with exhaustion, lips pouting open, like he’s waiting to be kissed. It makes something inside Steve ignite with the need to run his fingers over the stubble on Danny’s cheeks, to tip his face up and rub their noses together, to touch his lips to Danny’s, gently at first, then firmer, until Danny opens for him, lets him in. It’s not something he should be thinking about in the middle of a mission.
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“No,” Steve confesses. “I don’t know… I don’t understand.”
He sighs and stares out in front of him again.
“What don’t you understand, babe?”
“This. You,” Steve almost snaps, shaking off Danny’s touch, and it takes Danny by surprise. He wasn’t expecting the slight twinge of rejection that creeps into his heart.
“I don’t understand any of this,” Steve says, and it sounds accusing. “You’re telling me things, but it doesn’t add up. It doesn’t make sense. We’re colleagues, right? But you live here, and we’re always together, and your daughter…” Steve doesn’t finish his sentence.
Danny just stares up at Steve, because he gets it. He gets what Steve is saying without actually saying it. And he wishes he could offer something, some kind of explanation, but the truth is that Danny doesn’t quite get it himself anymore. So all he does is stare.

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It’s funny how often they both touch one another yet always so briefly; a hand on the arm here, brush of fingers there. The rest of the time it’s like their bodies are two magnets being forcibly held apart by unseen hands. They’re practically straining to meet, every last positive and negative charge humming underneath their skin, and she doesn’t understand how they withstand the pressure.
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