my kink is when people admit i was right
“So Paris?”
“I think you’re ignoring my point, babe.”
Danny slipped hands under Steve’s shirt. Slid down his back to his hips. To those beguiling tattoos that really, really had no business belonging to anyone but him.
Steve made a sound that was probably supposed to be a hum but came out more like a scrape. He was weaving slightly and his lips pressed against Danny’s temple, almost as if he was drunk.
“So?” he murmured again.
Always, always stubborn, this man.
Danny pulled back to look at him. He still held him very tight.
“Told you before, babe. I got you, swear to God I got you. And yes. Totally. Paris. Bali. Venice. Timbuktu. The end of the road. Wherever the hell you want.”
As declarations of undying love went, it probably left a lot to be desired but it was the best he could do for a first time.

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тим-билдинг, переход пейринга от непонятного типа-вместе в настоящий ER. таймлайн растянут по пятому сезону, есть намеки на Стив/Чин в далеком прошлом (не серьезнее поцелуя)
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